Kaionba-Nari (海音波-鳴り, lit. Resounding Sound Waves of the Sea) is a fan made Hymmnos Dialect developed by Sonwe Ruolmi, based on the Hymmnos language created by Akira Tsuchiya for Ar tonelico video game series and with influences of Japanese, for the Ar tonelico ~Shiseru Sekai he no Chinkonka~ Roleplay by Geiky.

This Dialect was created circa 680 D.E. by Otohime Toyotama and Hory during the creation of Walphish to be used as the Hymmnos Dialect of its Song Server, Kapa Dilete. Kaionba-Nari differs greatly from the traditional Standard Hymmnos Dialect for being a topic-prominent language that makes usage of particles and for its unique way of stating the Reyvateil's emotion during the song.

Basic Structure Edit

Kaionba-Nari is a topic-comment language that follows a SOV word order. However, this word order is not strict and the only mandatory rule regarding structure is that the sentence ends with a verb. While it's not necessary that a sentence starts with a topic, it's essential that it does so that the emotion indication functions may be used.

Particles Edit

Kaionba-Nari makes usage of particles, small suffixes that follow the noun, verb, adjective, or sentence it modifies, to indicate the grammatical role of a word. They appear following the word they modify by the usage of an apostrophe and no space (e.g.: mie'mø).